Electronic Gaming Monthly — Review of 100th Issue Gala Spectacular. November 1997. All pages scanned!

Electronic Gaming Monthly - Review of 100th Issue Gala Spectacular. November 1997. All pages scanned!

We are pleased to present you the 100th anniversary issue of the legendary Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, which was released back in November 1997. Yes, it was almost 25 years ago!

Something retro-amazing and interesting are waiting for you, including:

1. Features:

— 100 Best Games of All Time 
If the EGN staff was abducted by unfriendly E.T.s, these are the games the would have to bring! (page 100). 

— Area 52: Inside the Review Crew
In a Chicago ‘burb far, far away, there’s a group of guys whose mission is to play as many games as possible and review them.. fairly (page 164)

— A Day in the Life of EGM
Go behind the scenes of a typical day at the EGM office — where, believe it of not, it ain’t always fun and games! (page 174)

— Sleeper Hits
The Review Crew picks five of the most under-hyped games that should be stuffed into your stocking this holiday season (page 182)

2. Departments:

— Editorial   
What a long, strange trip… (page 6)

— Letters
Sony’s keeping quite about its PlayStation 2 development (page 14)

— News
Sega’s Dural system could put the company back on top (page 22)

— Gaming Gossip
Q-Mann has the scoop on a super-secret Nintendo system (page 32)

— Previews 

— San Francisco Rush, N64 (page 36)
— Diddy Kong Racing, N64 (page 38)
— Yoshi’s Story, N64 (page 39)
— Mace: The Dark Age, N64 (page 42)
— Sega Touring Car, Saturn (page 50)
— NBA Action ’98, Saturn (page 50)
— Thunder Force V, Saturn (page 58)
— Resident Evil 2, PlayStation (page 62)
— Rampage, PlayStation (page 64)
— Mega Man Neo, PlayStation (page 68)
— Cool Boarders 2, PlayStation (page 70)
— Critical Depth, PlayStation (page 73)
— Jet Moto 2, PlayStation (page 76)
— FIFA 98, PlayStation (page 77)
— MK Mythologies, PlayStation (page 78)
— C&C: Red Alert, PlayStation (page 79)
— Mortal Kombat, 4, Arcade (page 90)
— SFIII: 2nd Impact, Arcade (page 91)

— Cover Key 
More than a decade’s worth of game characters — some famous, some not — have stormed this month’s cover Here’s a key to help recognize these guys (page 10)

— Review Crew
The new Crew just might drive a stake through Castlevania: SotN (page 190)

— Jump Start 
Learn the moves early for Tomb Rider II in our new strategy briefings (page 208)

— Tricks of the Trade 
Trickman shares his 100 Top Trick of All Time (page 214)

— Get Some!
Don’t miss out a second time; get the new-and-improved AT-AT (page 232)

— EGM’s Top 100
From the Atari 2006 to the NES to the Saturn to the N64, the consoles have spawned too many games to count. Call us crazy, but we pick our 100 favorites. And no, SFII is not numero uno. 

Electronic Gaming Monthly - Review of 100th Issue Gala Spectacular. November 1997. All pages scanned!

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